Bruce Nauman: Mindfuck with Philip Larratt Smith

bruce nauman_1985_sexanddeath_double69-Cpep6BThis month I did my first piece for the FAD website and got the opportunity to send off some interview questions to the curator of the new Bruce Nauman exhibition at Hauser & Wirth, Mindfuck. The curator, Philip Larratt Smith, has a particular interest in psychoanalytic theory and his reading and curation of Nauman’s work is through a psychological lens.

There are a few snippets below but the full interview can be read on the FAD website here.

bruce nauman_1972_runfromfear-kMU3vO

“If it is aggressive this is merely as it should be, because this exhibition proposes nothing less than a radical revision of the understanding of Nauman’s work. I am aware that “mindfuck” could be viewed as a provocation, but I hope it is understood as thought-provoking rather than merely shocking.”

bruce nauman_1985_double69-9yS0Lv

“Nauman’s work does not at first glance fit into this category, since his work is not really the revelation of his individual subjectivity. Yet he has the rare gift to short-circuit and to provide a diagram – in the stick figures or basic phrases of his neons or his mousetrap-like installations – of human behaviour and human psychology when viewed from the highest level of abstraction. So in a sense his work provided a bird’s-eye-view of the psychology of the race.”


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