All the Dead Dears

Ross Chisholm, Sarah Gillham, Mindy Lee,
Emma Talbot & Sarah Woodfine


14 November – 15 December 2012

‘Riddled with ghosts, to lie
Deadlocked with them, taking roots as cradles rock.’
(All the Dead Dears, Sylvia Plath)

WW Gallery is pleased to present All the Dead Dears, an exhibition of drawing, painting, sculpture and print by Ross Chisholm, Sarah Gillham, Mindy Lee, Emma Talbot & Sarah Woodfine. Curated by Mindy Lee and Sarah Gilham, All the Dead Dears is the first in a new programme of exhibitions guest-curated by prominent artist/curator duos, which will continue throughout 2013 at WW Gallery.

A sinister lure lurks at the heart of ‘All the Dead Dears’, reviving what once was into a new and otherworldly state. Sensual desire is twisted and ruptured; this disrupted decadence tips in and out of states of loss, emptiness and longing.

Drawing on personal memories, rituals, invented mythologies and historical icons, each artist references and retells the past. As these moments are invoked an uneasy tension and a jarring sense of the ‘out of time’ sets in.

Time is spliced together, compressing different moments into hybrid narratives which fuse and cyclically loop. These narratives are trapped in flux where they are continually evolving, unravelling, pulling apart, lacerating, breaking or dissolving. As tension mounts things appear to move out of all control.

The mundane or accidental take on increasing significance and theatricality. Public and private personae become interchangeable, exposing a psychological release which is consumed and reabsorbed.

The opulence of surface and subject tempts the viewer further into the world of All the Dead Dears. Yet the beauty of seduction and the temptation of desires in turn unveil awkwardness, violence, horror and the macabre. Trapped between attraction and repulsion in a compressed present, the viewer is horribly compelled to indulge.

Ross Chisholm appears courtesy of IBID Projects, Sarah Woodfine appears courtesy of Danielle Arnaud.

Exhibition curated by Sarah Gillham & Mindy Lee


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