Recent Adventures


I have been spending some of my September days at the WW Gallery with Ayuko Sugiura’s exhibition, Second Skin. In this curio of surreal icons there is a cathedral made from silicon which hangs from the greenhouse windows like a web of light. It’s meditative, as a cathedral should be, but somehow the perspective is slightly skewed.


I recently joined the East London Fawcett to help out with press. I’ve already gone along to lots of brilliant events including an art tour of some commercial galleries in West London led by artist Rose Gibbs.

A highlight was Sarah Lucas’ project space at Sadie Coles, SituationWhite Hole with Rohan Wealleans glittered with hanging light bulbs, tipped-up toilets and vajazzle. It stood out in stark contrast to the rough monuments and phallic giants of Thomas Houseago at Hauser & Wirth in The Mess I’m Looking For.


I have returned to the Tate Tanks as often as possible to make the most of the excitement before the 15 week programme comes to an end. I also enjoy any excuse to head to Bankside, my favourite London ‘tourist’ spot with the dome of St Pauls, Millennium bridge in the light, the gaping rush of the Thames.

The other week I saw Haegue Yang’s performance sculptures, Dress Vehicles limply rattling around the industrial cave. It was the perfect example of when participatory art fails to convince anyone to participate.

When somebody tried to get in the ‘vehicle’ they were promptly told that only the invigilators were allowed to do that, but they were hesitant, giggly and a little shy about the whole thing. In a moment of absolute awkwardness one of them, a Polish woman, took to the microphone to sing a folk song very badly. Luckily she was interrupted by somebody with musical talent taking to the unoccupied drum kit. It was at least, good for a laugh.


On Thursday I interviewed Alex Lewis and Edward Wallace about their exhibition Static Dynamic at Copenhagen Place. The next day, after getting lost in Mile End, I went to see the exhibition. Copenhagen Place is an odd little project space which seems to be hidden at the back of a commune of creatives. There were about 20 toothbrushes in the bathroom and there was a beautiful cat. I don’t want to give too much away because the interview will be up on roves and roams soon.


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