Please Wait While We Contact Your Bank #2


It began to seem like all of London’s contemporary gallery spaces had closed for the summer, as though I would have to starve myself of interviews over the hot, wet British August days. Then I got a message about Sebastiaan Schlicher’s answerphone project. I made the call, I listened in confusion.


“I imagine dealers and hopeful visitors calling up in ignorance only to find the distant crackle of a secret gallery party, the vague rhythm of carnival parade, followed by the break of psychotic laughter. The phonic occupation of a London gallery by the Berlin-based artist feels like the anxious prelude to a psychological thriller, the result of a collision between two disparate art scenes.”

“I think everyone is working on their own heroic project, not just artists, everyone. The larger-than-life personality is my favourite metaphor.”

Read my interview on the Berlin Art Link here:


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