Ilusions of Reference, Ob. 12, Psychological Art Circus

I’ve been working with the Psychological Art Circus this month for their upcoming performances of Illusions of Reference, Ob.12. While there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the performances I’ve had a couple of tantalising glimpses when rehearsals and marketing meetings overlap, and I’m convinced these will be very exciting events. 


Illusions of Reference sees Psychological Art Circus combining spectacular surrealistic aerial storytelling with intimate live art installation. Featuring the astounding real-time animated digital sceneography of Jaime Valtierra & Prasanth Visweswaran, a Routemaster bus, and live performances from two of PAC’s original co-founding stars, Andrea Meneses Guerrero and Dagmara Bilon, Illusions of Reference promises to ignite the imaginations of all ages and exceed all possible expectations.

Taking inspiration from the enigma of the Delphic Oracle, Illusions of Reference is a highly original and stimulating performance from a company with an established reputation for presenting their “spell-binding mixture of superb theatre, special effects and how-do-they-do-that acrobatics” (The Londonist). With a revelatory and innovative mix of aerial, mime, sound and projections, these mid-summer shows will be a chance to catch the Psychological Art Circus further pushing the boundaries of circus, theatre and art.



PAC was co-founded in London 2004 since when they have shown work in Colombia and across Europe in France, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, and Romania.


“[I] could not fail to be impressed by the gradual unfolding of drama and tension, and the seemingly casual insertion of incredible circus skills into the performance

BBC/DNA Collective


Tickets: £8, £5 concessions


Online Ticket Sales:


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