Sugar Fingers…

Still only partially unveiled in the lingering Jubilee-rains, Flora Parrott’s Patio Project 1000th looks like a strange occult circle of sugar fingers. In unnervingly beautiful shades of blue, green and aqua, the dismembered fingers will hopefully pique the curiosity of passersby.

I’m interested to see what stories come from this Patio Project, and how people will perceive it. The opening will be this First Thursday from 6-9pm, followed by drinks in the Three Sisters pub.

ImageFlora Parrott’s ‘1000th’ explores the futility inherent in those daily tasks and continual labours which remain perpetually unfinished.

With her garland of 999 sugar fingers, Flora Parrott draws on the Buddhist story of Angulimala’s struggle to collect 1000 fingers. Despite extreme sacrifices and endless efforts, Angulimala was unable to complete his training as the fingers continued to rot.

Parrott presents the viewer with an unnerving sense of frustration when faced with 1000th’s deliberate and provocative resistance of resolution. With this metaphor the work makes our contemporary condition and the dissatisfactions of modern working-life grotesquely tangible.

Flora Parrott is an MA graduate at Royal College of Art and is represented by Tintype Gallery, London



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