Gliss, Benedict Drew at the Cell Project Space

Yesterday I went to the Cell Project Space to see Benedict Drew’s CYcLORAMA installation, GLISS. The little tropical alleyway and narrow roof garden are all part of the build up to an immersive installation which attacks all your senses. From the bright of the alley you enter the project space, strobing and flashing. GLISS feels, excitingly,  like a futuristic film pod, a glimpse of an occult vision of the future. Image

Cell describes GLISS as an ‘oscillation between the exalted and the commonplace, between desire and redundancy’ and the 4 talking heads are perhaps the best measure of this oscillation. Singing Kate Bush’s ‘Cloud Busting’, they form a surreal, divine choir of TV screens and are the backing singers to the light show.


The release says ‘They rotate in a vast, mechanical limbo and finally connect to an exasperated materialist fiction about a descent to the depths of a mine.’ The various TV screens and projections engineer a performance which is both absorbing and disturbing. Perhaps it is the volume of information attacking us, which unsettles, but GLISS’s power to affect us is impressive.



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