David Hall ‘End Piece…’, Ambika P3

I had never been to Ambika P3 before and I was prepared, through rumour and suggestion, to be impressed by the space. Yet it was not the raw basement warehouse that overwhelmed me, but the sound of 1001 cathode ray TV sets regurgitating day-time shows, glimmering, flickering and flashing as a life support of hanging wires sustained them.


‘End Piece’ is incredibly powerful, for its immediacy and incessance; living on the last of the analogue signals broadcast from Crystal Palace, the Ambika will crackle with ‘a visual sea of white noise’ when the digital switch over is finally complete. For now, the warm TVs absorb us, gallery-potatoes.


The art world seems to be obsessed with the imminent digital switch-over. I have never seen so much telly-art; the ICA are doing it, then there’s The Final Broadcast Collective at the Russet Gallery, and Switch/Over at the Wimbledon Space. I doubt that any will feel as epic, none will be as affective a memento mori, as David Hall’s apocalyptic tribute.



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